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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
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Pedro Arturo

México, 1990

Mexican Industrial Designer understanding the world, its moment and context through Design. My corporate experience has improved my work structure, refined my attention to detail and increased pragmatism in decision making. While personal projects and interesting collaborations satisfy my need for free creative development and exploration while giving me the opportunity to lead teams, manage and execute projects in different design realms adapting my own mind-set and process to what the project requires.

Currently studying the renowned Master of Arts in Transportation Design program at the Pforzheim University of Applied Sciences’ School of Design, I constantly find myself evolving my own way of using design as an excuse and a medium to touch emotional fibers in the spectator, wake curiosity and awe in the user, and to challenge the industry by being empathetic with the market and the feasibility of things.

Available for TRANSPORTATION DESIGN INTERNSHIP opportunities (Interior, Advanced, Strategy or Exterior) in the EU to start next March-April 2020.


2019 /
Social Impact prize / What Design Can Do + Campamento – Feria de Diseño

2017 /
Selected project / FORMA – Cerámica La Mejor + Kickstarter


2016 /

Honorific Mention / AHEC Design Awards México / Toon Category


Winner / National Design Prize – Diseña México / Decoration Category

Tactile Beats




2019 /

Novedades / Abierto Mexicano de Diseño / National Art Museum (MUNAL) / Mexico City, Mx.


Techno-Pop / Abierto Mexicano de Diseño / Laboratorio a Arte Alameda (LAA) / Mexico City, Mx.


Linterna / Campamento – Feria de Diseño / Guadalajara, Mx.


2018 /
Circulār / UANL FARQ / PolybionCONARTE / Monterrey, Mx.

Zona Maco Diseño / Shelf / Mexico City, Mx.


Linterna / Campamento – Feria de Diseño / Guadalajara, Mx.

Fuente, H

2017 /
INÉDITO – Design Week México / Tamayo Museum / Mexico City, Mx.


Hecho en FARQ / Antiguo Palacio Federal / Monterrey, Mx.

Tactile Beats, IO Collection

2016 /
National Design Prize – Diseña México / Franz Mayer Museum / Mexico City, Mx.

Tactile Beats

Where are they now? – DECODE / CONARTE / Monterrey, Mx.

Tactile Beats, IO Collection

2015 /
Milan Design Week – Fuorisalone / Promotedesign Din / Milan, It.

Corazón Moreno

Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa / Mexico City, Mx.

Corazón Moreno

2014 /
Abierto Mexicano de Diseño / Mexico City, Mx.


Generación DECODE / CONARTE / Monterrey, Mx.


2013 /
5th International Design Biennial / Estación Mapocho / Santiago, Ch.


Abierto Mexicano de Diseño / Franz Mayer Museum / Mexico City, Mx.


Generación DECODE / CONARTE / Monterrey, Mx.



2016 – 2018 / Global Consumer Design, Whirlpool Corporation
Global Brand Industrial Designer

Collaborated on Maytag, Indesit, Consul and Acros Brand Design Language visions, development and implementation cross-category.

International experience and influence working in Brands advanced design and strategy projects from USA, Brazil, Mexico and Italy. Specific tasks included vision creation, design language definition, sketching, 3D modelling, product visualization, strategy building, prototyping and building cross-function relationships.

Whirlpool’s Global Emotional Brand Language implementation in 20+ products.


2014 – … / PEDROARTURO
Independent Design Practice

Design consultant for a wide variety of clients ranging from furniture, object, and textiles to packaging and brand creative direction. Some clients and collaborations include Candor, Cinépolis, Colibrí 3D, Dicali Manufacturing, Hecho y Derecho, Lo Esencial, MASISA, Polybion, RCano, Shelf, among others.

Personal projects and collaborations with an exploratory and expressive purpose, participation in design exhibitions and competitions.

Academic advisor for Design for Business (2017-’18) subject at FARQ UANL Industrial Design program. Conferences and design critique in Mexican Universities.


2013 – 2016 / JD-E Industrial Design

Industrial Designer

Intern to Project Lead development coordinating and executing design consultancy, research, industrial design and development projects for leading companies such as Arca Continental, Billpocket, Coca-Cola, Decimal, Diverza, PM Steele, Soriana, among others.

Internal projects eventually exhibited at Salone Satellite, assistance in special projects with Panorámica and Design DECODE.


2012 / MadDog StreetRods
Summer practice – Design assitant

Sketched, welded and painted car parts. A super fun hands on experience in this small car restoring workshop in central Mexico.




2019 – … / Hochschule Pforzheim
Master of Arts in Transportation Design

01-EXT – Cooperation with Aston Martin – Lagonda

02-INT – …


2010 – 2016 / Facultad de Arquitectura (FARQ), Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (UANL)
Major – Industrial Design


2013 / Facultad de Bellas Artes, Universidad del País Vasco – Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea (UPV – EHU)
International Academic Exchange – Applied Arts in Design


I’m often invited to share and discuss Design topics with students and professionals through workshops and talks at schools, business and cultural venues.


2018 /

Emerge Mx / Guadalajara, Mx.

Advisory teacher / Design for Business / FARQ, UANL / Monterrey, Mx.

2017 /

Advisory teacher / Design for Business / FARQ, UANL / Monterrey, Mx.

2016 /

VII Foro de Arquitectura y Diseño / UDL / León, Gto.

Información Clasificada / Leun’un Arte Habitación / Monterrey, Mx.
2015 /
Querétaro Design Week / Querétaro, Mx.

2014 /
DECODE + Fuera de Contexto / Discussion panel / Monterrey, Mx.


Pupil / Student Design / Nl.

5th International Design
Biennial / Santiago, Ch.




AD México


DMT Magazine


Glocal Magazine








Colibrí 3D

Metallic Mfg

Emerge Mx

Grupo TyFSA

Hecho y Derecho

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