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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
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PROJECT – MATD01 for Aston Martin

5000 x 950 x 2100 mm

SOFTWARE – Autodesk Alias and Maya, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

YEAR – 2019

STATUS – Academic project


PRESS (English / Español):

We were lucky to have Aston Martin – Lagonda as our sponsor for this project, my first proper transportation design project ever. One during which besides learning the use of professional software, I improved my understanding of transportation products and this industry’s context.


Aston Martin is a brand that can afford the limits, innovating in materials and technologies, business units, luxury lifestyle and racing is part of their heritage. With this in mind and starting from visualizing the future brand’s attitude to influence both its perception and products, the initial/abstract shape exploration aimed to find a simple yet sharp form and surface language to express the boldness and elegance this brand is renowned for. This expressive approach finds itself mixed with a clearly lightweight set of performance components shaped out of deconstruction and referencing Aston Martin’s motorsport heritage and iconic brand gestures. 


Besides the use of both woven and forged carbon fiber with exposed colors in the technical part of the vehicle, the main body is built out of a memory alloy that would allow us (industry) to have a chrome or highly reflective finish with color shade changing without any finishing but from the material itself, helping reduce weight and add value or even personalization.


The name DB-Myth comes out from following the current Aston Martin trend of naming their products after mythological characters, representing the highest hierarchy in this realm. A vehicle you can only drive and witness outside the future autonomous cities in which driving will be a risk to society, a vehicle you will only see in the middle of nowhere.


IMPORTANT: This project does not represent any Aston Martin production plans, internal project, or strategy. It is an academic project developed during the HSPF MATD program with Aston Martin Design department support. Brand logos are used only for illustrative purposes.



Tobias Suehlmann, Miles Nurnberg, Prof. James Kelly, Andreas Hoffmann, Monika Markert, Prof. John Sweeney, Anja Bracht, Prof. Lutz Fügener, Michael Frei, Mark Fetherston.



Print (2000 x 1400 mm) for the SS2019 Werkschau held in the Transportation Design facilities on July 2019.