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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
© 2021





THROW – 1700 x 1300 mm + fringes

DECORATIVE CUSHION – 500 x 500 mm + pompons

TABLE RUNNER- 2500 x 500 mm + fringes

MATERIALS – Brushed cotton

STATUS – Production



2021 – EMERGENTE, Zona Maco Diseño, CDMX



PRESS (English / Español):

Cotton sparks travel across a black canvas, simple gestures that subtly reminisce the sky lit by fireworks during the festivities. The ¡Fiesta! textile line was born from experimentation and synthesis, an evolution of previous exercises done by Candor in search of new expressions.


On a traditional pedal loom, the master weaver randomly inserts 60-thread cords while weaving flat on the black warp. Thanks to its texture and soft touch, this playful textile design, is used in decorative pillows and blankets for the home as modern accents and contrasts.


Candor is a Mexican textile design company that utilizes traditional manufacture to produce contemporary yet timeless textile items for home decoration and hospitality projects. Although slight variations in thread and finish are celebrated, a dedicated team of over 10 craftsmen and designers carefully creates each piece by hand aiming to achieve the highest quality possible maintaining the handmade feel.


PHOTOGRAPHY – Nydia Lilian Cavazos, Violeta Ramírez

MODEL – Iris García



Fernanda Mereles, Juan Carlos, Milagros, Lety, Angie, Fer.

Design and production.

Rear envelope closure.

Table runner (2022) exclusively at A0 Shop.