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Brand Creative direction

Year – 2018-2020

Status  Implemented

Product & textile design – Fernanda Mereles

Re-branding – Panamá Studio


Product photographyMariana Cárdenas

Website code – José Pablo Nava

PRESS & INQUIRIES (English / Español):

Candor is a handmade textile goods brand utilizing only natural fibers and traditional manufacturing techniques to create timeless homeware, decoration products, and relaxed personal accessories in Pátzcuaro, Michoacán; a beautiful Pueblo Mágico in central Mexico established as the cultural and commercial meeting point for the riviera towns. Translating tradition into contemporary interpretations, Candor creates high-quality textile goods for the free-spirited individual with a simple yet authentic lifestyle detached from trends and seasons.


“As defined, Candor means sincerity, soul purity and simplicity focused on the positive, the non-stereotyped beauty, and a free spirit centered in enjoying life. Our main inspiration comes from wanderlust and culture, from visualizing it relevant and active in the search of the comfort that comes along with beauty.”


The main challenge was to establish a solid base for the brand to perform organically and coherently considering its size, capabilities, and artisan-made nature. Together we’ve defined its core brand values and developed a thoughtful approach towards the brand’s messaging and the culture inherent in the imagery utilized multimedia. Brand direction work was held across the website, re-branding, and photography with the collaboration of experts to maintain a consistent emotional expression.


Constant strategic design counseling towards the brand’s evolution helps relationship building and special projects development for a diverse clientele including interior designers, developers, hotels, and restaurants.


#ThankYou Fernanda Mereles, Panamá Studio, Benjamín Soto, Eugenio Di-Bella, José Pablo Nava.


Photography – Benjamín Soto, Mariana Cárdenas

Candor – Handmade in Mexico