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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
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Table lamp

340 x 190 mm

Materials – San Luisito clay and cedar wood

Year – 2015

Status – Limited production (Sold out)

Project – Corazón Moreno

ExhibitionsPromote Design In, Fuorisalone 2015, Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa 2015



PRESS (English / Español):

Lantern is a plastic exercise with the strict purpose of breaking the traditional way these materials are perceived. A friendly table lamp that suggests a different way to interact with a light source remembering the way alcohol lamps are grabbed. Thanks to the raw materials that it’s made of, Lantern generates a warm and cozy light becoming a perfect companion for intimate moments and environments.


In search of a noble plastic manifesto, Corazón Moreno has been created by different perspectives of young Mexican minds, based on their memories and visions. Corazón Moreno is a Mexican collection focused on transforming the passions of Mexico into functional objects with a contemporary language that expresses a way of being, not an identity. The collection seeks to create an interpretation of the existence, emotions, and desires of the people of the Mexican land.


Manufactured entirely by master artisans from central Mexico, the collection was launched simultaneously at Milan and Mexico City during Fuorisaloni 2015 at Promote Design’s Design IN and during the Corredor Cultural Roma Condesa at high-end interior and decoration store Dimitri in April 2015.


#ThankYou Pau Stephens,Rossenham, Stefan Forter

Photography – Fernanda Mereles, Observatorio Estudio, Pau Stephens

Shape explorations



It was hard to achieve the final shape.

Cedar wood pieces.

Corazón Moreno full collection exhibited at Milan – Luis Vega, Pau Stephens, Rick Rossenham, Rodrigo Noriega and Alejandro Macías