Pedro Arturo » LEKU

Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
© 2021





730 x 900 mm

Materials – Oak wood

Year – 2022

Status – Production



PRESS (English / Español):

Ilia is a young furniture and homeware brand focused on elevating small rituals through everyday objects emphasizing their materiality and sculpture.


Strongly influenced by the rural Basque Country, its landscape and architecture, Leku means «place» in Euskera, the language of Euskal Herria (Basque Country). Leku’s intention is to be that place that nurtures routine and promotes contemplation.


The four legs are assembled into a central node, then crossing through the deck exposing the heartwood on the edges of the tenon. A piece of furniture inspired by the countryside, visually lightened thanks to angled gestures creating windows to see through its structure.


#ThankYou José Bermúdez, Ricardo Acuña, Mario Casimiro.


Photography – Ricardo Acuña, José Bermúdez