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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
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Bottle opener

20 x 15 x 80 mm

Materials – Machined stainless steel

Year – 2022

Status  Limited Edition (II/II)

Exhibitions – DECODE Group Show 2022, Cuadrante 2022

PRESS (English / Español):

Production limited to one piece (I/II) auctioned in benefit of Instituto Nuevo Amanecer and one author’s copy (II/II).


#ThankYou Claudia Pérez, Emilio Valtierra, Jorge Diego Etienne, Alexis del Toro, Design DECODE, Festival Cuadrante.


Photography – Nydia Lilian Cavazos

Thought process

Influences: I – Impact and friction shaped pre-hispanic tools, and II – Dada movement.

Just as a flint knife’s edge is given by the impact with another stone, the surface is left unpolished, exposing the drill’s trace.