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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
© 2021





20 x 15 x 80 mm

MATERIALS – Milled stainless steel

YEAR – 2022

STATUS – Limited Edition (II/II)



2022 – DECODE Group Show 2022 (ATLAS Design Shop) during CUADRANTE , MTY

2023 – Mexico City Art Week (Taller Nacional), CDMX

PRESS & INQUIRIES (English / Español):

Synthesis, dada, friction, impact, marks, lever, tool, trick, skill, meeting, culture, ritual, consumption, aliment.


Taking the bottom of a lighter, often used as a bottle opener, to elevate it into a manual tool with industrial finish and a contemporary, reductionist yet satirical expression.


Pedernal (Flint) is a tool made of machined stainless steel (high-speed friction between the drill and the raw steel bar). A bar with an elliptical section and dimensions very close to those of a common lighter that, with the help of your own knuckles and fist, works as a lever to open bottles.


Commissioned by Design DECODE for the first DECODE Group Show in 2022. Production limited to one piece (I/II) auctioned in benefit of Instituto Nuevo Amanecer and one author’s copy (II/II) signed by hand with permanent marker.


PHOTOGRAPHYNydia Lilian Cavazos



Claudia Pérez, Emilio Valtierra, Jorge Diego Etienne, Alexis del Toro, Design DECODE, Festival Cuadrante, Jorge Moreno, and Paola Gracida.

Thought process

Influences: I – Impact and friction shaped pre-hispanic tools, and II – Dada movement.

Just as a flint knife’s edge is given by the impact with another stone, the surface is left unpolished, exposing the drill’s trace.

Exhibition in Monterrey, Mx (October the 19th – December the 4th)