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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
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Chopping boards

Board A – 390 x 170 mm

Board B – 390 x 160 mm

Board C – 390 x 155 mm

Materials – Teak wood

Year – 2021

Status – Production


IG – @mundano_mx


PRESS (English / Español):

The Sección boards’ silhouettes result from the simplification of various iconographies by which food cuts are commonly identified. Integrating gentle gestures that indicate use, these shapes seek to provide charisma and a fresh reading to objects that are commonly rudimentary, almost archaic, due to their utilitarian purpose.


Mundano is a Monterrey-born and based brand manufacturing wooden objects focused on the rituals that take place around food.


#ThankYou Roberto Rentería

PhotographyNydia Lilian Cavazos