Pedro Arturo » SHIELD

Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
© 2021





280 x 150 x 90 mm

Materials – Vegetable tanned calf leather

Year – 2016

Status – Production

Project – Elements Collection



PRESS (English / Español):

The nécessaire revisited from the experience and structural perspectives. Its iconic silhouette is easy to understand and interact with, the non-existence of a zipper allows easy and quick access while highlighting the materials tactility and elasticity keeping its contents safe.


Lo Esencial’s products are defined by their simple yet pragmatic approach to the product experience. Elements is a leather goods collection designed to explore new product interactions and interpretations that could fit in each of the invited designers’ daily routines.


#ThankYou Adolfo Navarro

Photography – Aarón Bravo, Adolfo Navarro

Concept evolution.

Shape definition sketches.