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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
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TALL – 1600 x 455 x 450 mm

LOW – 1000 x 352 x 358 mm

MATERIAL – Powder coated steel

YEAR – 2023

STATUS – Production



PRESS (English / Español):

A synthesis exercise based on the formal language of the structures of high voltage towers, which coexist as strange characters in urban and road landscapes thanks to their verticality and contrasting industrial character resulting in two coat racks of totemic proportions for residential and commercial use.  Built out of three inclined connected by V-shaped steel «straps» giving access to the lower tray and supporting an extra element crosswise to hang or place garments and accessories.


ÁLBUM is a project inspired by objects, in their ability to dress spaces, and in the moments that happen around them to remain in our memory. Based in Mexico, ÁLBUM relies on a strong history and experience in manufacturing to collaborate with international talent in the development of products for residential and commercial use. Naturally influenced by the diffuse crossover between the industrial and the domestic, the brand seeks to bring unconventional interpretations of everyday and durable objects to today’s spaces.


PHOTOGRAPHYJuan Luis González



Andrés García, Marco Betancourt, Sofía Gascón, Claudia Pérez, and to the Roots, Betafactum, and Mexa Design teams.

Low model in Cyanotype blue

Tall model in Suculent green