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Pedro Arturo Ruiz García.
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Wooden accessories

Valet rack – 1000 x 476 x 388 mm

Side table – 650 x 410 x 526 mm

Personal box – 60 x 285 x 130 mm

Materials – Rose wood

Year – 2016

Status – Production

Exhibitions – Where are they now? DECODE 2016, EMERGENTE – Zona Maco Diseño 2021

PRESS & INQUIRIES (English / Español):

Finished by expert craftsmen in Guadalajara, Mexico, each of these accessories is thought to be a sort of intimate companion in daily routines, to charm our rituals with charisma and a straightforward attitude. Thanks to digital manufacturing (CNC machining) while taking advantage of the exposed joints, these pieces achieve dynamic yet simple transitions in a sole object.


The Valet collection is my first studio edition, serialized and produced under special request.


#ThankYou Punto Nodal, Emerge Mx

PicturesLuis Talancón, Nydia Lilian Cavazos, Joshua Canales

Valet Rack

Key sketches

Cardboard mock-up

Side table


Personal box