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Wooden accessories

Valet rack – 1000 x 476 x 388 mm

Side table – 650 x 410 x 526 mm

Personal box – 60 x 285 x 130 mm

Materials – Rose wood

Year – 2016

Status – Special production upon request

Exhibitions – Where are they now? DECODE 2016, EMERGENTE – Zona Maco Diseño 2021

PRESS & INQUIRIES (English / Español):

High-end digital craftsmanship is what drives this collection of rosewood accessories. These pieces achieve dynamic yet simple shapes and transitions in a sole object through the marriage of joinery and surface treatment as their language while yelling how to be used thanks to their expressive details and gestures also achieved with digital processes (CNC machined).


Produced by expert craftsmen in Guadalajara, Mexico, each of these accessories is thought to be a sort of intimate companion in daily routines, to charm our rituals with their charisma and high-quality finishing.


#ThankYou Punto Nodal, Emerge Mx

PicturesLuis Talancón, Nydia Lilian Cavazos, Joshua Canales

Valet Rack

Key sketches

Cardboard mock-up

Side table


Personal box